AQHA Ranch Horse Versatility now offered at the following events

May 13 & 14

June 10 & 11

July 8 & 9

September 9 & 10

October 14 & 15

Compete in OkSHA Stock Horse Events, AQHA Ranch Horse Versatility or BOTH!! 

Original Score sheets from 2017 shows are located in the show office during events.

Please contact show manager for questions about results,

Events held at JPH are not affiliated with ASHA

Novemeber 2017 OkSHA  at JPH

OkSHA LTD NON PRO Results         
OkSHA NOVICE Results      
OkSHA YOUTH Results 


 Current 2017 Year End Standing for OkSHA 




An affiliate of the American Stock Horse Association 

Jeff Smith Saddles



Must attend 5 shows to be eligible for Year End Awards

OkSHA OPEN Standings          

OkSHA LTD NON PRO Standings         

OkSHA GREEN HORSE Standings   
OkSHA NOVICE Standings      

OkSHA YOUTH Standings